February 10, 2015 statement from Brian J. Nemoir, Executive Director of Enough Already! WI, a coalition opposed to the expansion of off-reservation gaming, regarding the Menominee Tribe’s latest offer and desperate attempt to reverse Gov. Walker’s non-concurrence decision regarding the Kenosha Casino.

“Over two weeks ago, Gov. Walker rejected the proposed Kenosha Casino basing his decision on the need to protect taxpayers from the potentially costly legal remedies former Gov. Doyle employed to protect tribes with existing gaming compacts. 

 Today’s latest last-minute proposal from the Menomonee Tribe is a desperate attempt to distract taxpayers from the costly ramifications of a Kenosha Casino.  The timing of this proposal has the stench of bad politics and the promise of unrecognized dollars should be considered with great skepticism as it’s both coming from a tribe that has had ongoing problems keeping promises and amidst a gaming market that has experienced stagnation and not growth.”