56% Agree—Gov. Walker Gets Kenosha Casino Rejection Right

Statewide Poll Demonstrates Widespread & Strong Support for Casino Rejection

(Oconomowoc, WI)—A little over a week ago, Gov. Walker rejected the bid for an off-reservation Kenosha Casino, with the chorus of second-guessers quick to claim the Governor got this one wrong.

According to a professionally executed statewide poll, the cantankerous opponents of the Kenosha casino rejection are in the minority.  In the 800 respondent survey conducted January 27-29, 56% of the respondents supported Gov. Walker’s decision to reject the proposed Kenosha casino.

Gov. Walker made a thorough policy argument in rejecting the casino, in that gaming compacts with other tribes signed by former-Gov. Doyle put the state at risk for $100s of millions annually.  Despite exhaustive legal analysis, and an eye to greater well-being of the state, many have stubbornly refused to accept Walker’s reasoning.  

In the end, the promise of jobs and economic development weren’t convincing.   Fifty-four percent (54%) of respondents recognized, “we should oppose the Menominee Hard Rock Casino because approving could end up triggering state agreements entered into by former Gov. Doyle that will cost the state budget hundreds of millions over multiple years and this is a risk the state taxpayers can not afford.”

The Menominee Tribe’s exhaustively-long near-twenty year quest trying to convince residents that a 25th casino made sense for the state swayed very few.  Nearly half of Wisconsinites (48%) believe that the state has the right number of Indian casinos, with only 30% believing more casinos are a good idea, and 14% of respondents believing the number of casinos should be rolled back. 

For summary memo and complete poll results, click here.  Please see below for the prepared memo:



To: Interested Parties

Fr: Gene Ulm and Trip Mullen

Date: January 30, 2015

Re: Statewide Survey Data


The following data is from a statewide survey of 800 likely voters completed in Wisconsin by

Public Opinion Strategies January 27-29, 2015. Twenty nine percent of the calls were

completed among cell-only households. The margin of error on the survey is plus or minus

3.46%. The survey was sponsored by Enough Already Wisconsin.


Key points


Voters support Governor Walker’s decision to deny the Kenosha casino (56%

support, 32% oppose).


• Republicans (72% support, 16% oppose) and Independents (54% support, 34%

oppose) both support the Governor’s decision, while Democrats are split (43%

support, 43% oppose).


• In the Milwaukee DMA where the proposed casino would be located, fully 53%

of voters support the Governor’s decision. Voters again split on party lines with

Republicans (64% support) and Independents (51% support) favoring the

Governor’s decision, and Democrats split (45% support, 50% oppose).


Almost half of Wisconsinites believe there are currently the right number of Indian

casinos in the state (48%), compared with just 30% who believe there should be more

and 14% who believe the number of casinos should be rolled back.


Fully fifty four percent (54%) of voters agree that Wisconsinites should oppose the

casino because the state agreements entered into by former Governor Doyle could

cost the state hundreds of millions of dollars, while just 37% believe Wisconsinites

should support the casino because of the economic benefits to southeastern Wisconsin.


Over half of voters (52%) approve of the job Scott Walker is doing as Governor.

The Governor’s approval splits along party lines with Republicans strongly approving

(93%) of the job he is doing along with a majority of Independents (54%). Just 13% of

Democrats approve of Governor walker with 85% disapproving.


Voters are a net seven points more optimistic about the direction of the state (53%

right direction, 41% wrong track) than they were in November, 2013 (48% right

direction, 43% wrong track).


Please do not hesitate to call or write with any questions.


Enough Already! is an active coalition designed to inform the public of the potential off-reservation casino threats, and provide the common-sense opponents tools for engagement.  Early tools available for use by interested parties include the recently launched blog: http://enoughalreadywi.com