A December 17, 2014 Statement from Brian J. Nemoir, Executive Director of Enough Already! WI, a coalition opposed to the expansion of off-reservation gaming, regarding yesterday’s admission by the Menominee Tribe that they’ll allow coercive tactics often used via card check to unionize their desired Casino:

 “For those attending today’s Kenosha Casino ‘jobs rally’, proceed with caution as this event may the first step towards coerced unionization, if the Menominee Tribe, their out-of-state tribal partner and the unions have their way. 

Only yesterday, did the Menominee Tribe finally admit that ten years ago they signed an agreement with the United and Commercial Workers Union Local 1444, allowing the ‘card check’ in exchange for their support of the casino.  Card check is unionization through intimidation, an effort in which private voting is replaced with union bosses requesting signatures in-person, and only a simple majority is required for unionization.

Rally attendees interested in bringing jobs to Kenosha need to know that their support for a Kenosha Casino means taking away an employee’s right to vote through secret ballot.  Card check seemingly contrasts with the strong economic blueprint Speaker Robin Voss and Majority Leader Scott Fitzgerald are helping Gov. Walker create, and in-fact is the polar opposite of the Right to Work legislation expected to be considered next year.

Within the past week, we’ve learned that the Menominee Tribe’s offer to make other tribes ‘whole’ for gaming revenue losses experienced as a result of their desired casino may be sorely lacking in sincerity.  Now, the tribe has admitted that opening the doors to the casino allows coercive unionization tactics that infringe on an employee’s right to vote via a secret ballot.  A Kenosha Casino isn’t a reward worth the risk.”