Isn’t 24 Enough?

Enough Already WI! Launches Public Information Media Campaign

(Oconomowoc, WI) Enough Already WI!, Inc. is launching a public information campaign to help raise awareness of the 24 casinos already located in Wisconsin.  Wisconsin has a healthy, economically viable tribal gaming economy providing a gaming opportunity within two hours of nearly every house in the state.

 With no less than four proposed casinos garnering attention and at various levels of advancement, the threat of an off-reservation expansion in Kenosha, Beloit, Shullsburg and/or Sheboygan is very real as the money-thirsty gaming industry looks to further expand the reach of Wisconsin’s $15.3 billion tribal gaming industry.

 “Wisconsin has an abundance of gaming opportunities, with 24 casinos providing gaming opportunities within two hours of nearly every state resident,” said Brian J. Nemoir, Executive Director of Enough Already WI! Inc., a coalition opposed to the expansion of off-reservation gaming in Wisconsin.  “Serious question exist regarding the capacity for additional gaming in the state, as interested parties advance off-reservation deals with questionable financial foundations often involving out-of-state interests.”  

 Beginning on Thursday, November 29th, Enough will launch a :30 ad on network television in key markets to help inform the public on the proposed off-reservation casino.  The ad is titled, “24 is a Good Number” and can be viewed here. The full text is as follows:

 Anncr:                        24 is a good number.

There are 24 hours in day.

24 karats in pure gold.

24 beers in a case.

And 24 casinos in Wisconsin…

But now out-of-state developers want in to build more…often hundreds of miles off the reservation. Previous casino developers brought corruption and mismanagement with them.

Wisconsin casinos are Wisconsin’s business…not for out-of-state interests that just want to take Wisconsin’s money, out of Wisconsin.

It’s time we said enough already. 

A study released in September by the Wisconsin Policy Research institute found here, concluded;  Today, virtually everyone in Wisconsin is within a two-hour drive of a casino. Gambling opportunities are numerous and ubiquitous. As of October 2010, the casinos in the state boasted 16,643 gaming devices (slot machines, etc.) and 345 gaming tables for poker, roulette and so forth. Casinos are located in 17 of Wisconsin’s 72 counties (Wisconsin Legislative Fiscal Bureau, 2011). There are facilities to serve almost every taste.

 To help inform the public on the ever-changing world of tribes seeking off-reservation casinos, Enough Already! WI Inc., has been formed.  Enough Already! finds its origins in the similarly-named 2005 group, Enough.  Enough was very active in the successful opposition to the proposed Kenosha, Beloit and Shullsburg casinos, providing polling information, white papers, proposed legislation and an aggressive ongoing public information campaign. 

 Enough Already! is an active coalition designed to inform the public of the potential off-reservation casino threats, and provide the common-sense opponents tools for engagement.  Early tools available for use by interested parties include the recently launched blog: